Involved alumni:

The challenge that the project addresses

Universities and institutions of learning across the country have had to resort to online and distance learning in order to complete the current academic year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many students have had to vacate campus residences and go back home until campus activities resume. The University of the Western Cape has, in response, launched the #NoStudentLeftBehind campaign in order to raise funds to assist students in need of mobile data and devices in order to have access to online learning platforms. We have (as the Moot Society) further identified that some of the challenges that these students face are; a lack of access to mobile data in order to obtain their course resources and participate in online assessments. Many students also struggle with hunger at their homes and no longer have access to campus feeding schemes and general relief (many students rely on part-time jobs on campus in order to purchase groceries and other such supplies).

What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?

A few members of the Society’s Executive Committee came up with the idea that we raise some funds to support our fellow students and as Chairperson, I was very proud of the team’s initiative and eagerness to make a difference.
We wanted to make a difference while adhering to the social distancing measures that are so crucial to fighting the pandemic. We also had to take into account that many of the students in need had already returned to their homes all across the country. It would have been an impossible task to distribute food packages to everyone. We then came up with the idea of purchasing digital food vouchers through
Computicket. These vouchers can be used at any Shoprite or Checkers store in the country. We bought about 7 vouchers and distributed a few among our students, allowing them to purchase whatever essential goods that they need. We sponsored 3 students with meal vouchers and 11 students with mobile data. We are still in the process of raising funds and reaching out to students in need.

Describe the project's impact

  • significantly reduce student hunger during the nationwide lockdown
  • provide students with mobile data for access to online learning platforms.