Involved alumni:

The challenge that the project addresses

Youth unemployment across Africa, especially in South Africa and Zimbabwe is at an all time high with approximately 56% of young people between 15-35 being unemployed. This means only 1 in 3 young people across South Africa and Zimbabwe leaves either high school or university with minimal prospects of securing a job or starting a sustainable business.

What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?

We have responded to this urgent need through our previous project Destiny & Hope Foundation by providing online courses and training.

-We expanded our reach and impact through building a large community of experts across all economic sectors to provide direct contact with tens of thousands of youths.
-The experts mentor, coach and guide youths in executing ideas and projects in areas where youths are talented in.
– We guide youths in starting, pitching and scaling their businesses.
-We support youths through our venture network to access further support and funding to create employment to more youths.
-We built a portal that encourages community learning across South Africa and beyond.
-In July 2018 we are going to receive support form the Obama foundation in our efforts to increase our capacity to help and impact

Describe the project's impact

We have received a 97% approval rating from both participants and experts.
-Almost every participant is assured an internship, job or opportunity to build a thriving business through our corporate partners.
-The most important aspect of our social innovation incubator is that it saves time and helps youths focus on what they are passionate about.
-In the past 5 years we helped over 12 000 young people either access meaningful work experience or start a business that supports their families.
-We have prepared all our participants to acquire skills that will make them succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s socioeconomic climate:
Soft skills – emotional intelligence and leadership
Technical skills -data science ,data analysis and digital literacy.