Ending violence against apostolic women through livelihoods

Involved alumni:

The challenge that the project addresses

Apostolic women are vulnerable due to limited decision making capacity as a result of lack of access to means of production and wealth. Apostolic men take advantage of the vulnerability of women and abuse and exploit them. Children born of apostolic women are more vulnerable to childhood disease and disability due to limited access to health care, malnutrition and exposure to violent families.

What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?

The income generating project will be an entry point for provision of social empowerment where family counseling sessions will be conducted with families to ensure women in apostolic sector are respected. The aim of the project is to ensure empowerment of women through IGAs as well as behaviour change of family members especially the women`s husbands. If women can earn their own money, they can make decisions pertaining health care for themselves and their children and prevent preventable disabilities to children.

Describe the project's impact

This project will help women in Apostolic sector in Chikomba district to earn a living through small livelihoods project. This will enable them to make their own decisions regarding accessing healthcare for themselves and their children, this will enable children to access nutritious food and prevent childhood disabilities. The project will also build awareness on women`s rights as well as build confidence in women in the apostolic sector. Men, who usually are the abusers will benefit from gaining knowledge and transformation to treat their partners with respect.

With the grant we will purchase

  • 50 Chicks @ 0.70 Cents each x 6 families (300 chicks) =$210
  • 6 x 50Kg Starter Mash @ $35.00/50Kg (300 kg) = $210
  • 6X 50 kg Growers @ 35.00/50 kg (300kg) = $210
  • 6 X 25 Kg @ $17 (150) = 102
  • Transport costs for purchasing and distribution 250
  • Transport for family counselling and informative sessions 150