AfriCan! Foundation

Involved alumni:

The challenge that the project addresses

  • We teach high school learners in Khayelitsha design thinking skills to help them find solutions to problems through collaboration.
  • We address poverty through a scholarship programme for sports and academics.
  • We link aptitude to opportunity through mentoring, job shadowing opportunities and university open days
  • We combat substance abuse and youth criminality in Mamelodi West and East.
  • We also stimulate learner’s cognitive development especially in rural high and primary schools.

What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?

In collaboration with the University of Cape Town and other organisations, we have piloted and managed the #DesignThinkingKhayelitsha Project for over 500 high school students from Khayelitsha and given them design thinking skills to find solutions to problems through collaboration. We also successfully piloted AfrikaCan! Scholarship program for sport and academics to 4 young people from Khayelitsha. We worked with over 20 school Principals to organize learners and coordinate the programs. We have provided students with opportunities and funding to do job-shadowing in jobs of their career aspirations. We sent Bulumko Secondary school and other surrounding schools to university open days so they can be awoken to career opportunities available to their fields. In the next 20 years, Afrika∙Can! Foundation will become the best African multi-disciplinary, career guidance, and mentorship academy owning 54 school in between two countries in Africa.

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Describe the project's impact

We are currently waiting to hear on a proposal of partnership between Gauteng uUltimate Frisbee and Vukani Mawethu high school in Mamelodi to use ultimate frisbee sport as a form of training and mentorship to combat substance abuse and youth criminality in Mamelodi West and East.

If Afrika∙Can! Foundation were given a budget of 20,000 Rands, we would allocate the funds as follows for the Vukani Mawethu project: Approximately 5,000 Rands would be designated for the purchase of ultimate frisbee cones to set up the playing field and facilitate training activities. Around 8,000 Rands would be allocated for student transportation to ensure easy access to the program and promote participation. An amount of 4,000 Rands would be dedicated to acquiring sports kits, including jerseys and equipment, to provide the participants with a professional and cohesive team appearance. The remaining 3,000 Rands would be used to purchase a sufficient number of high-quality ultimate frisbee discs, which are essential for practicing and playing the sport effectively. By strategically dividing the budget across these areas, we aim to create a well-rounded and impactful program in Vukani Mawethu. The allocation ensures that necessary resources are available for training, transportation, team identity, and the actual sport itself, enabling us to maximize the impact of the initiative on the participants’ development and well-being.