Absolute X Mathematics Made Easy

Involved alumni:

The challenge that the project addresses

Mathematics Anxiety – Math Anxiety is real. I plan to use my expertise and experience to address the misconceptions about the difficulties of Mathematics. I plan to do this by offering free lessons to learners, uploading of YouTube videos, social media interaction and more importantly by selecting a group of 25 grade 10 Mathematics learners who will receive my full mentorship as part of my ABSOLUTE X programme.

What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?

By engaging with Students in innovative and creative ways. I plan to use art and music to connect to students. Show them real world applications and expose them to the simplicity of Mathematics. My program will include a package of online videos, and live online interactions. The idea is to build a community and provide students with a safe space to share their anxiety about Mathematics so that I can skillfully help them overcome it.

View these links:

https://insideeducation.co.za/2021/07/16/teacher-training-workshops-to-enhance-online-education-essential/ https://m.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/500/217675.html https://www.samf.ac.za/en/its-pi-day-and-the-world-is-celebrating-ways-that-mathematics-improves-our-lives

Describe the project's impact

My first Programme “Mathematics Development initiative” started in 2013. I provided free Grade 12 tuition to +-200 students at schools each year, until 2016. Once I started lecturing, the programme matured to a mentorship programme for undergraduate Mathematics students. This programme is ongoing. In 2020, I created free online videos for Grade 10-12 learners. These were posted on YouTube and is ongoing. Since Joining UJ, I have become more active with online programmes, namely 1. “The International Day of Mathematics” – a fun programme aimed at high school learners to inspire and expose them to the beauty of Mathematics . 2. Teacher Training Workshops. 3. Career Fest – to help students make the crucial decisions of Career choices and vocations. Through my online programmes, I have reached just over 2000+ students. With my future plans, I aim to help many more.

How will you spend the R20,000 award if you win?

  1. Purchasing a premium Zoom license for my online activities. I currently use basic Zoom.
  2. I will earmark R5000 for data sponsorship to learners who apply to attend my online programs.
  3. R3000 for a stationary pack given to the 25 learners who will join the mentorship programme. UJ will brand the stationary ABSOLUTE X.
  4. R2699 for a Wacom device which will streamline drawing to create visuals for students in online classrooms.

What do you hope to achieve?

  1. Abolish Math Anxiety.
  2. Inspire Students to pursue Math and STEM subjects.
  3. Create critical thinkers and Future Mathematicians.
  4. Promote gender equity in Mathematics.