Theodora Talumba Mkali

  • Stellenbosch University, Law


Theodora specialised in human rights law at Master’s level and this greatly motivated her decision to pursue a Doctorate degree within the same area. She is greatly inspired by Africa’s countless and courageous women human rights defenders such as Wanjeri Nderu, Nonhle Mbuthuma and Aisha Yesefu, who exemplify resilience in the face of repression. There is no doubt that in Africa and the rest of the world, these are difficult times for human rights defenders because of the increasing hostile atmosphere against promoting human rights. However, they remain dedicated and selfless in keeping human rights at the front and centre of the regional agenda. Theodora is exploring the serious human rights violations that women artisanal miners experience within the informal mining sector. It is evident that popular discussions and research works that are engaged on mining in Africa concentrate on the involvement of mining companies that occupy the large scale and formal sector of mining. However, there is an informal mining sector that involves artisanal miners who make up a heterogenous group, with multiple human rights problems. She seeks to explore the advancements that should take place in order to ensure sustainable development for women artisanal miners in Malawi and the rest of Africa.