Rosemary Cumanzala

  • Executive Director, Zubo Trust
  • University of Sussex, Social Sciences


Rosemary was born and raised in the rural Binga District of Zimbabwe. She was awarded a Canon Collins Scholarship in 2007, and completed an MA in Gender and Development Studies at the University of Sussex. After graduation, Rosemary returned to her home district and established Zubo Trust, an organisation that promotes the advancement of rural women and girls in Binga. Zubo Trust broke new ground in 2011 by enabling rural women to venture into fish farming, a previously male dominated space. Rosemary is now primarily concerned with promoting sustainable access to, and exploitation of, natural resources in the District.

Greatest Achievement

Establishing an organisation that pioneered access for rural women into previously off limits areas.

Professional Interests

Enabling rural women to realize their socio-economic ‘dreams’ through promoting access to, and providing education about the sustainable use of natural resources.