Rethabile Mphutlane

  • University of Pretoria, PhD Applied Theatre


Rethabile’s PhD in Applied Theatre, “Talking Wellness and Well-being with Youth Infected/Affected by HIV/AIDS in Rural Lesotho Through the Use of Applied Theatre” will help her make a great impact in rural, marginalized communities across the African continent. Her focus will be on those that do not get opportunities, those living in poverty, and those who need a form of extra support in order to live life to their fullest potential. There is a lot of conscientization that needs to happen for people that are not educated. There is a lot of issues that those living in the modern sites of the world may think are not relevant for discussion anymore, but one finds that in rural areas in the African context, people still do not have the information necessary for them to take care of themselves. Specifically, she wants to focus on youth, young girls and women. This is because they are the most vulnerable population in Africa, and if they are empowered and developed, then they can contribute to innovation and the development of the continent.