Patrick Tom

  • Lecturer, University of Manchester
  • University of Leeds, Social Sciences


Patrick was born and raised in the small town of Kariba, Zimbabwe. He completed his Masters studies in the UK on a Canon Collins scholarship and also holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews. Patrick is co-founder and editor of Mindleag Limited (UK), an editorial assistant of Journal Governance in Africa, and board member of Zimbabwe Policy Dialogue Institute. He is also a co-founding trustee and organising secretary of Kariba Development Trust, which focuses on promoting environmental, economic and social development in Kariba, Zimbabwe. Patrick has taught Philosophy at the University of Zimbabwe, and the International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa module at the University of St Andrews. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Uganda and has published widely on issues of peace-building, repairing youth-elder relations, and hybridity, in post-conflict societies. Patrick’s Kauzhumba Primary School Building Project was voted by fellow-alumni as winner of the 2016 Canon Collins Change Makers Award.

Greatest Achievement

Co-founding Mindleag Limited and Kariba Development Trust, and being awarded the 2016 Canon Collins Alumni Change Makers Award.

Professional Interests

Research, consulting, lecturing and volunteering.