Orefile Malope

  • Finance Lead: Innovations, Mastercard Foundation
  • University of Manchester, Commerce


Orefile completed an MSc in Development Finance at the University of Manchester on a Canon Collins Nelson Mandela Scholarship. She now works as a Finance Manager at Beauty for Unilever SA. Passionate about South Africa, and the African Continent, Orefile is keen to play a part in the ‘African Renaissance’. Orefile is dedicated to coaching and upskilling young finance talent – unlocking their potential and supporting them to reach the greatest heights. She spends a lot of her time coaching members of her teams, and others, on finance fundamentals and on honing their commercial judgement skills. Orefile’s professional goal is to encourage young colleagues in the financial sector to move beyond being “Bean counters” and to become real owners and custodians of ‘Business Results’.

Greatest Achievement

Being awarded the Nelson Mandela Scholarship and becoming a mother.

Professional Interests

Coaching and upskilling young finance talent.