Lindelwa Nxele

  • Managing Director/ Anthropologist, Academy for Contextual Metaphysics
  • Rhodes University, PhD Anthropology


Lindelwa Nxele is an Anthropology Phd candidate at Rhodes University. Her focus is Wellbeing Networks, targeting social leaders and indigenous healers. She is also the founder of the Academy for Contextual Metaphysics, a NPC dedicated to creating spaces for networking, co-creation and knowledge production between social leaders and healers. She has over 15 years experience working in the NGO, civil society, health and higher education sectors. Her interests entail contributing towards building healed, peaceful and transformed societies, especially those plagued by precarious and disadvantaged conditions. Her work and studies are directed towards achieving this goal together with my fellow citizens. She believes in Ubuntu, which means, “I am because you are”; as well as self-realisation, that leads to a fulfilled and holistic life.