Itai M'yambo Magodoro

  • Preventing premature cardiovascular disease, improving marginalized lives
  • University of Malawi, Health


He was raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and was very privileged, through education and work, to witness life first-hand across Africa, Western Europe, South East Asia and North America. Through these experiences, he has come to better appreciate how health – both ill and well – is rooted in and constrained by socio-economic structures. Having trained as a medical doctor, his interests are cardiovascular medicine, population health and immunology. He is keen on opportunities to use these skills to improve lives, especially in his corner of the world, sub-Saharan Africa.  Presently he works in medical research, where his goal is to prevent premature heart disease in our young people who are entering adulthood with lifelong HIV infection acquired through birth.

Greatest Achievement

His greatest achievement has been to stumble upon this quotation, whose author is unknown: “Weave in faith and God will provide the thread!”.

Professional Interests

Global health, preventive cardiology, research and public health policy.