Erwan Sola

  • Marine Biologist Researcher, Wildlife Conservation Society
  • University of KZN, Environment


Erwan studied Animal Physiology and Marine Biology. He completed a PhD in Marine Biology and was the first Mozambican to hold a PhD in Coral Biology. He has expanded his interests in broader Marine Sciences, with a focus around reef ecology and Marine Conservation Science. He works on numerous projects around his country, from consulting for reef monitoring and management/conservation, to higher education and scientific research. He has worked with institutions such as the WWF, IUCN, CITES, universities and other government bodies, and he is part of regional networks within the Western Indian Ocean. He strives to promote Marine Science as an integral part of decision making concerning the management of our coastal waters and oceans, as well as help train the next generation of Marine Scientists in Mozambique with the vision of creating a skilled workforce to help manage and protect our vast and beautiful coastline.

Greatest Achievement

Helping promote Marine Conservation Science in Mozambique.

Professional Interests

Marine Ecology, Coral Reef Science, Management Conservation and Education.