Elina Mkandawire

  • Environmental Officer, Environmental Affairs Department, Malawi
  • University of London, LLM Environmental Law


Elina is proactive and passionate about conserving the environment, with over six years of experience working for Malawi’s Environmental Affairs Department (EAD) as an Environmental Officer. She is also involved with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and government projects doing community environmental conservation programmes. This includes research and policy making as well as conducting outreach programmes. Among her many job roles, are policy intervention in waste management; social economic and legal aspects of environmental safeguards; and community advocacy in climate justice. However, to fully execute the duties of her office, she needs to have a good understanding of the law to enable her to interpret environmental and social policies. She hopes at the end of her LLM in Environmental Law to have developed a better legal understanding of natural resource use and governance.