Aretha Cooper

  • Partnership Project Manager and Team Lead , OfferZen
  • University of Cape Town, Science


Aretha has a small, close-knit family who have always provided her with lots of support to fulfil her life goals. She was raised in Cape Town, in the shadow of Devil’s Peak, and still lives there as she finds the city and its nature beautiful. In 2012, Aretha received a Canon Collins Scholarship, which allowed her to complete a PhD in Cell Biology. Her interest in biology guided her into cancer research and Aretha hopes to contribute to the field in South Africa, and beyond. Since the completion of her PhD, Aretha has been working for HealthQ Technologies, a data health company. Aretha is passionate about making health resources available to everyone. Her work focuses on cardiovascular biology with a view to providing affordable and accurate heart monitoring solutions using wearable technology.

Greatest Achievement

Completing my PhD.

Professional Interests

Looking at non-invasive, affordable and easily available methods to measure markers of cardiovascular ageing or disruption.