Amanda Luxande

  • Climate Change and Energy Development Practitioner
  • Co-Founder, SDGs Africa Independent Assessment Initiative (SDGAIA)
  • University of Manchester, Environment


  • Amanda holds a Master of Science Degree in Environment and Development from the University of Manchester, where she studies on a Canon Collins scholarship.
  • Additionally, she has a first class Honours Degree in Policy and Development Studies from the University of KwaZulu Natal and a BSc in Biology, Earth and Environmental Studies from the University of Cape Town.
  • Amanda currently works in the field of climate change and energy in developing countries, including mitigation and adaptation responses, having been involved in these areas for a range of countries in Africa.
  • Though well versed in broader development issues, her focus recently has been on energy access issues which impact many low income communities across Africa.
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Greatest Achievement

Developing solutions to regional sustainable development issues.

Professional Interests

Tending to Global Sustainable Development issues such as Climate Change, Energy Access, Food Security and Agriculture and Water Scarcity.