Owen Gagare Investigative Journalist | Newshawks

In 2023, the Canon Collins Trust took a new approach in its disbursement of the Sylvester Stein Fellowship. We directly supported the work of an investigative journalist as in previous years – but the case under investigation was identified through an application and selection process with Canon Collins scholars and alumni practicising public interest law or involved in activism or advocacy related to human or environmental rights. The journalist would then work with the lawyer in bringing the case to the public eye.

Obert Bore is a scholar and environmental lawyer working at the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association in Harare. He applied and was awarded the fellowship. Our partner, the Investigative Journalism Hub (IJHub) helped us identify Owen Gagare – a investigative journalist veteran, working for the Newshawks to cover the case. The Newshawks is Zimbabwe’s leading digital investigative reporting, breaking news & analysis platform.

Owen and Obert collaborated closely from the project start in December 2023 to 4 April 2024. They published six stories (one main story and five side bars) as well as a short documentary.


In Social Media

Newshawks shared the documentary on X and Facebook. It has 63 700 views on X, 84 retweets, 108 likes and a lot of engagement.


In News Media

The main story was also published by The NewsHawks, NewsHub, the Zimbabwe Investigative Journalism Network and the Daily Maverick in South Africa, which all support investigative journalism. All the stories were also published on The NewsHawks PDF edition and circulated widely on WhatsApp, where the majority of the publication’s readers are found. It was also shared in The NewsHawks’ 30 WhatsApp groups.