We're changing our name

And nothing else

The Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust is changing its name to The Canon Collins Trust

We’re changing our name and nothing else.

And while our name may be less of a mouthful, what we do is more of the same – just better, because we are always seeking to learn, to improve and to be mindful in our approach.

The results speak for themselves.

Our merger with the Legal Assistance Trust ten years ago was an important milestone and deepened our long relationship with the Legal Resources Centre in South Africa. Our partnership continues to flourish.

We have more scholarships than before… and more scholars. We have added internships to our offering.

We continue to strengthen and support our network of scholars and alumni.

We value the journey old friends and new have walked with us, and everything we have achieved thus far. But the best is yet to come, so stick around. The goal of an open and just society in southern Africa is still a little way ahead.


Canon Collins Trust

Education and Justice in southern Africa