The SA education system: Why it’s failing and how we can solve it

This 3-part conversation with PhD #CanonCollinsScholar Tlhalefang Moeletsi on the South African Education system’s failings and how to fix it is based on an International Monetary Fund Working Paper by Montfort Mlachila and Tlhalefang Moeletsi called “Struggling to Make the Grade: A Review of the Causes and Consequences of the Weak Outcomes of South Africa’s Education System.”

While South Africa has made significant improvements in basic and tertiary education enrollment, the country still suffers from significant challenges. The paper recommends a few key policy considerations. It’s an important overview of the South African education system, and of particular interest to the Trust, which works in the tertiary education space while also supporting social actors addressing the challenges at basic education level.

Tlhalefang is doing his PhD in Economics at Wits University. He is also an entrepreneur and consultant to the World Bank.

For a copy of the paper or to contact Tlhalefang, email

The podcasts will be released on a friday at 12pm.

Listen to PODCAST ONE “Weak Foundations, Weak Prospects”

Listen to PODCAST TWO “Not knowledgeable, not accountable: South Africa’s teachers” on 19 April.

Listen to PODCAST THREE “It’s all hands on deck – how to fix the system” on 26 April.