Behind the veil of student entrepreneurship

Leigh Day scholar authors a book on entrepreneurship following his own small business

Leigh Day LLB scholar Sakhile Ngobe has in addition to concentrating on his law studies co-authored a book with  Tokelo Hlagala (Author) and Zuko Gqadavama (Author) that will launch this December!

Behind the veil of student entrepreneurship (available on Amazon) outlines how students can start businesses, sharing first-hand experiences from actual entrepreneurs. The book follows a radical own small business victory for Sakhile and his co-authors. The Sneaker Cleaning Rehab Club, which Sakhile began with a small investment of only R250 (and the help of his friends) offers sneaker services from collection to cleaning and delivery. The service spread like wildfire and now services the campus, Cape Town city centre and as far afield as Pretoria!

His decision to start the business followed a funding disappoinment. “What drives my hunger for business is being defunded from that institution. I believe students who find themselves in similar positions need to be cognisant that, as much as we are entrepreneurs, we are students first.”

“At its core, this book aspired to be a guiding star, illuminating the path not just for student entrepreneurs but also for the youth enterprises of South Africa. It sought to reveal the secrets of thriving in the entrepreneurial landscape with limited resources and to unveil the foundations of student entrepreneurship and their reflection in broader socio-economic contexts. In doing so, it endeavored to make entrepreneurship accessible even to those unfamiliar with its complexities by capturing the raw, unvarnished experiences of the entrepreneurs.”