Promoting awareness of SA constitution with SLSJ

CCELAT is delighted to announce a new civil society partnership with Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ), a South African students organisation dedicated to protecting human rights, preventing discrimination and promoting social justice and the rule of law. SLSJ has been formed in partnership between students of the various universities of South Africa, with the aim of transforming legal education and access to justice.

 “As students, we understand that South Africa is made up of so many diverse individuals, therefore we also seek to cater for the needs of others in every endeavour that we put our mind to. Our only interest is justice, making sure that no one is left behind, as our country continues to move forward.”

We have joined with SLSJ and the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC) in a joint venture to promote constitutional education to marginalised South African communities that have been over-looked or misinformed. The #WeThePeople campaign facilitates discussions in communities, as well as hosting educational radio slots, to enhance people’s awareness of their legal rights.

“We believe that the Constitution has been written not only for legal practitioners, scholars, and the highly educated. We believe that this document has been created for the benefit of all South Africans, regardless of race, ethnicity or class. This document was made for you and me.”

The #WeThePeople campaign has been adopted by SLSJ branches at the University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape, University of Fort Hare, University of KwaZulu-Natal and University of the Witwatersrand with each branch planning to host community debates and secure slots on local radio.

CCELAT takes great pride in supporting the advancement and success of this campaign. We strongly share the vision of our partners at SLSJ that community education is a powerful tool for motivating, inspiring and empowering the South African people to understand and assert their rights.

Listen to CASAC director and Canon Collins Trustee, Lawson Naidoo, and SLSJ UCT member Aysha Lotter, discuss ‘The South African Constitution: What is its role and why is it needed?’ on Radio 786 here.