NyamiNyami Soccer Academy

Involved alumni:

The challenge that the project addresses

NyamiNyami Rural District (Kariba rural, Zimbabwe) is a poor and marginalized district with poor infrastructural development. Most talented young people in this underprivileged community have failed to get scouted for football in and outside Zimbabwe. As a result, young people with exceptional talent in football have remained hidden for a very long time.


What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?

In 2014, NyamiNyami residents came together and established NyamiNyami Soccer Academy, which is registered as a Trust. The Academy has very strong links to its local community and a number of schools in the district. I am involved in the academy as a patron. I also play an advisory role. The Academy has four objectives:

  1. Uncovering of hidden and suppressed sporting talents in young people of NyamiNyami
  2. Development of international standard soccer in NyamiNyami
  3. Through other ancillary services of the Academy, to improve living standards and welfare of people in NyamiNyami.
  4. To integrate with other local NGOs in fighting HIV and AIDS since the Academy provides education on the ground.

The Academy’s overall aim is to develop creative players whilst also teaching them essential life skills with values and attitudes such as respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, strong work ethic, conflict resolution, conduct, global citizenship, tolerance, responsibility, creativity and problem-solving. The academy trains and grooms young people from the less privileged families in NyamiNyami Rural District to realize their dreams. had over 105 young people use our training facilities in Siakobvu, NyamiNyami Rural District or come along to our training sessions. However, there are many expenses connected with running the Academy and we rely for funding solely on our own fundraising events and the support of well-wishers.

Describe the project's impact

Over 105 young people use have used the Academy’s training facilities in Siakobvu or come along to the Academy’s training sessions. The academy is currently paying fees for 35 talented young players from across NyamiNyami District. The academy also provides accommodation and food to the 35 young people ensuring that they concentrate on both sport and education. The Academy promotes inclusion. For instance, its Board of Trustees is representative of the community it serves. Currently, the Academy is working on creating ward-based committees. The community strongly supports this initiative. The Academy is also in the process of signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the local authority, the NyamiNyami Rural District Council so that it can partner with the local authority, companies and NGOs on projects aimed at improving the welfare and standards of living.

How will you spend the R20,000 award if you win?

The Academy is under-resourced. The plan with the R20,000 is to purchase playing kits, stopwatches, whistles, balls, goal nets, pump/inflators, marking cones, and first aid kits.

What do you hope to achieve?

  • Young people will be able to train using modern equipment. This will also help them to develop confidence in using such equipment and would not struggle when they join professional football clubs;
  • Run meaningful and efficient training sessions;
  • Create a great training environment;
  • Uncover hidden and suppressed football talent;
  • Develop essential life skills of young people using sport;
  • Provide a firm structure that stresses the importance of education, promote healthy lifestyles and keep young people away from negative situations.