1001 SA Stories, South Africa

Involved alumni:

The challenge that the project addresses

Our young democracy is full of intrigue and dynamism. The student protests,(fees must fall) further emphasized that we as a nation still have ‘unfinished business’. Mainly due to our past, South Africans have very dissimilar experiences, disparate understandings of history, and different experiences of what it means to be South African. This in turn impacts on how we relate to challenges that face our country and to each other. South Africa is also not immune to the global phenomenon of living in a ‘post truth world’ which can further add fissures to an already fractured society.

What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?

Over 3 years now the project has been inviting people to share their stories and documenting these in short youtube videos and longer podcasts. As we listen to these stories we are able to reflect on our history and have a better understanding of recent past and celebrate some of the achievements of our young democracy, and examine some of our short comings as a nation. It is hoped that this project in some small way will contribute to creating better understanding and to help address issues around transformation, race relations, gender parity, economic inequality, xenophobia, LGBT rights and the natural environment. A further aim is that these stories inspire us to dream of and build a South Africa we want, and reaffirm our commitment to the belief that South Africa belongs to all who live in it.

Describe the project's impact

This project has won the Western Cape cultural award for most innovative heritage project. Shehnaz Cassim Moosa won the 2019 volunteer of the year awarded by the Western Cape government. The videos are being used in installations by a Slave church museum. And this is where we would like to grow and develop further.

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