Darlington Tshuma

  • Durban University of Technology, PhD in Peacebuilding


Darlington Tshuma is a policy analyst and governance specialist with expertise on Africa. He holds a Masters in Sociology and Social Anthropology, a BSc in Sociology and recently submitted his PhD thesis for examination. His expertise broadly covers gender, human rights, democracy, post conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding. He has written, published and presented papers at international conferences and seminars on transitional justice, reconciliation and peacebuilding processes in Africa. He regularly consults for think tanks and policy institutes in Africa and Europe among them the European Union Institute for Security Studies, the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, the Life and Peace Institute, the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, and the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. He is a 2021 Africa Policy Fellow of the School of Transnational Governance, at the European University Institute in Italy where his work focused on peace, conflict and security, climate change, democracy and human rights, gender and global governance. Darlington hopes to work as a governance and policy expert for influential peacebuilding organisations including the UN.