Bridget Chinouriri

  • Senior Lecturer, University of Zimbabwe
  • University of Pretoria, Education, Arts, Humanities


Bridget is a Zimbabwean ethnomusicologist, creative writer, cultural consultant and scientist currently working as a senior lecturer in the Department of African Languages and Literature, at the University of Zimbabwe. She completed a Masters degree in Music in 1998 at the University of Ghana, and later (2014) graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa with a Doctorate in Music. Her research interests include indigenous knowledge systems, expressive arts, land, cultural science, politics and gender studies. Bridget sits on a number of Cultural Boards and is involved with the steering committee for intangible cultural heritage in Zimbabwe. Her greatest challenge has been overcoming poor societal attitudes towards the cultural industries.

Greatest Achievement

Being recognised by stakeholders in her field as a cultural expert and consultant.

Professional Interests

Research and policy making