Snaps taken at Law Lunches in Johannesburg and Cape Town 2022. Pictured from top left clockwise: Julieth Gudo, Pila-Sande Nkuzo, Catherine Sofianos, Boitumelo Mathabathe, Liisa Shangeheta, Yolanda Chekera, Kelly Kropman, Edwin Makwati, Dr Justice Mavedzenge and Albie Sachs, Abongile Nkamisa, Catherine Sofianos, Stuart Craig, Nomagugu Nyathi.

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Publications produced by the Law Network

Marché Arends: Remanded and Forgotten: The fate of South Africa’s prisoners who have not yet been tried (2016)

Mpfariseni Budeli: Negotiating property rights in southern Africa through the novel magora panyama: A legal perspective [with B. Vambe] (2011)

Mpfariseni Budeli: Freedom of association and trade unionism in South Africa : from apartheid to the democratic constitutional order (2007)

Yolanda Chekera-Radu: Power Patriarchy and Gender Discrimination in Zimbabwean Newsrooms (2014)

Yolanda Chekera-Radu: The International Law Principle of Permanent Sovereignty Over Natural Resources as an Instrument for Development: The Case of Zimbabwean Diamonds (2013)

Maushami Chetty: The repatriation process: does South Africa live up to its human rights obligations? (2004)

Busisiwe Deyi: First class Constitution, second class citizen- Exploring the adoption of the third-gender category in South Africa (2017)

Rongedzayi Fambasayi: Leveraging City-level Climate Change Law and Policy for the Protection of Children (2021)

Tawanda Gonzi: The Chilonga eviction Scandal – A violation of the right to Administrative Justice: Reflecting on the Administrative Justice Act and the 2013 Constitution’ (2021)

Cleone Jordan: An explorative study on the role of Disability Advice Desks in providing information on livelihood opportunities for disabled youth in the Cape Metropole (2017)

Solminic F D Joseph: Government needs to consult properly before closing schools, Provincial education departments are failing to follow procedures (2015)

Mary Kachale: The efficacy of international regulation of uranium mining: Malawi as a case study (2010)

Tabeth Masengu: Customary Law Inheritance: Lessons Learnt from Ramantele v. Mmusi and others (2016)

Tabeth Masengu: Standing on the Sidelines Watching: Women and Zambia’s Constitutional Processes (2015)

Justice Alfred Mavedzenge: A Constitutional Law Guide towards Understanding Zimbabwe’s Fundamental Socio-Economic and Cultural Human Rights (2014)

Justice Alfred Mavedzenge: Comparing the Role of International Law in South Africa and Kenya (2013)

Dewa Mavhinga: Land Reform and Human Rights in Post Colonial States (2011)

Dewa Mavhinga: Deliberate Chaos: Ongoing Human Rights Abuses in the Marange Diamond Fields of Zimbabwe (2010)

Jody Metcalfe: Activist Leadership and Questions of Sexuality with Young Women: A South African Story [with B. Boswell et al.] (2016)

Frank Mgungwe: Malawi’s School-Based Psychosocial Support: How Mother Group Supports Adolescent Mothers  (2022)

Stephens Molekwa: Restraint-of-Trade-Duress (2020)

Leon Moller: Evolution of the legal framework for oil and gas exploration and production in Namibia (2013)

Precillar Tevedzerai Moyo: The relevance of culture and religion to the understanding of children’s rights in South Africa (2006)

Alan Msosa: The problems with debate on same sex practices in Malawi (2015)

Shepherd Mutsvara: From Apartheid to Xenophobia: Exploring exclusion, persecution and displacement in the post-apartheid era (2018)

Shepherd Mutsvara: The intersection of Civil Disobedience and the Rule of Law (2013)

Nicolette Naylor:  Removing the prescription blindfold in cases of childhood sexual abuse (2005)

Zarina Netea: Without Prejudice – Mind your Language: Constitutional Law (2011)

Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka: Environmental legislation and contamination: The gap between theory and reality in South Africa [with T. Harpham & A. Mathee] (2010)

Christine Peta: The ‘Sacred’ Institution of Marriage: The Case of Disabled Women in Zimbabwe (2016)

Christine Peta: Voices from the periphery: A narrative study of the experiences of sexuality of disabled women in Zimbabwe (2015)

Sarita Ranchod: African feminist uprisings- Getting our knickers in knots (2013)

Sarita Ranchod: Independent Project Evaluation of the Establishment of One-Stop Centres to Counteract Violence against Women (2013)

Caiphas Soyapi: Zimbabwe’s ‘look East’ policy : a socio-legal perspective (2015)

Caiphas Soyapi: Regulating Traditional Justice in South Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Aspects of the Traditional Courts Bill (2014)

Caiphas Soyapi: Remedies for human rights abuses by multinational corporations (2014)

Margaret Stride: Not a 21st century law (2011)

Kate Tissington: Courts as a Site of Struggle for Informal Settlement Upgrading in South Africa (2015)

Kate Tissington: Between Praxis and Paralysis The Relationships Between Legal NGOs and Social Movements (2010)

Ntombekhaya Tshabalala: An exploration of parents’ experiences of the inclusion and retention of their disabled children in public schools in the Eastern Cape Province (2014)

Carmel Van Niekerk: Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Right to Reproduce under South African Law (2017)

Carmel Van Niekerk: Section 294 of the Children’s Act: Do roots really matter? (2015)

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